All patients who come to Neuropsychology Services of Kansas must first be referred by a physician or licensed healthcare professional. After a referral is processed, our staff will contact the patient to set up an appointment.

When patients arrive for their appointment, they will undergo an interview and four hours of testing to determine the nature and degree of their cognitive functioning.

After the evaluation, Dr. Heinrichs will analyze the results and set up a follow-up appointment. At this appointment, you will receive a report with diagnosis and recommendations. Dr. Heinrichs will meet with the patient and any family members or caregivers to provide support and input about daily functioning to ensure safety and wellbeing. Recommendations will be made when needed regarding the patient's ability to drive, live independently, manage their finances, and make reasoned decisions regarding healthcare and finances.

When patients are found to lack the capacity to make reasoned decisions, a valid durable power of attorney can be enacted, or the Court can appoint a guardian and conservator. This can save patients from the many people who try to steal their money and resources by tricking them into thinking they are helping others.

Neuropsychological evaluation is well covered by Medicare and all other insurance providers.

Therapy Session