Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

All patients must be referred to Neuropsychology Services of Kansas by a physician or licensed healthcare professional. After your referral has been processed, a staff member from Neuropsychology Services of Kansas will reach out to you about scheduling your first appointment. All subsequent meetings and evaluations can be scheduled by calling our office.

What should I bring to appointments?

We recommend that all our patients arrive at least 15 minutes early to fill out any paper work and forms that may be necessary for your appointment. You can fill out these forms in advance by downloading them from our patient forms page. In addition, all patients should bring proof of insurance, an identification card such as a drivers license, and a payment method to each visit. 

Is it normal to have a decline in cognitive abilities?

Our cognitive abilities do change as we get older. A neuropsychological evaluation will show whether you are experiencing changes that are part of normal aging or something else.

Why should I find out if I have dementia?

Some people who notice a change in thinking are simply experiencing normal aging, a medication side effect or a mood disorder such as depression or anxiety. A neuropsychological evaluation will identify this, and changes can be made to improve daily functioning. If a neurodegenerative disorder is occurring, early identification allows a person to prepare for changes and live independently and safely as long as possible.

For those whose memory and thinking are changing, we provide individualized care and support for their families. Call Neuropsychology Services of Kansas at 316-867-3434.